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A Pure Creative.

"I've always had ten toes down and been tied to the struggle that so many people in marginalized communities face"

Music Creator, Director and Cinematographer

ADåD (pronounced, ah-dod) is a multidisciplinary artist who uses film and music to translate his continual celebration of life. Having been an alumni of the always active Englewood community on Chicago's south side, ADåD has always been ten toes down and tied to the struggle that so many people in marginalized communities face. Undereducated by school systems, overlooked by the cool kids and awkward through his youth, ADåD found his voice when he learned that he had a gift for rhyme and an eye for art... Self aware and self made, he's been traveling the trenches of urban culture, creating music that he has toured the world over and now creating films that will ultimately do the same. His musical catalog spans 8 years having worked with some of underground raps elite talents such as Q-tip, Exile and Blu, Nas, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Wajeed, Slot-A and his most valued partner in creation Kennet Keys. He's been a member of the highly respected rap Duo Eulorhythmics since his birth into music making and in 2018 will be release his 1st through 4th solo projects starting with "DANGER US" produced by Tensei featuring a track with his idol in rap, Black Thought.

The benefits of working as a freelance Director and Cinematographer will be a beautiful addition to his music as he is creating and directing original film narratives for each project. ADåD is Black excellence, a one man renaissance.. a pure creative.

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